Using Monkey for an XNA project

Update: The following article is now obsolete and an updated version is here : Using Monkey For an XNA Xbox Project : Revisit.

When developing Ninjah I had to do some last minute changes in C# because Monkey wasn’t registering the controls properly (that is, if the player was to use controller #2, the game wouldn’t work) and I have to say, working with Monkey became quite difficult in the end. Not only is Monkey new, it also supports 6 different programming environments (C#, Javascript, Flash, Xcode, GLFW and Java) which has lead to a lot more bugs than you’d expect from a single programming language. I know Monkey will improve and I’ve no doubt the points I am about to raise below will become redundant sooner rather than later. For now though, I will focus on the difficulties caused by Monkey with regards to a XNA project.

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