Ninjah 2 Editor

This week I have been concentrating on making the editor a bit easier to use. This involved me creating a various GUI widgets and learning a lot about it in the process!

I had considered using a prebuilt GUI system for monkey but disregarded it because it seemed too complicated. I started working on my own and after 6-7 hours I realised I was basically making what I had originally complained about as too complicated… still, I’ve learnt a lot about it and it has actually been really enjoyable.

Ninjah 2 Editor

Before now I had the various elements all over the place and it looked like garbage, I’ve now got things structured in a tab view which sits on the left hand side of the screen (and can be toggled with the tab key). In wanting to bring in this more structured approach I ended up rewriting pretty much the whole editor screen and I am glad I did.

I’ve restructured how everything is coded, instead of repeating code because it seems easier at the time, I’ve quite strictly implemented “Never Write The Same Code Twice” and I have to say it’s really paying off. I’m even commenting my code properly, get me!

I am really enjoying this at the moment. Once I am happy with how the editor works, I am going to complete each in game item one at a time. I know it’s not the most interesting of game items, but the first one will be the springs.

Game structure and being dumb

A while back I decided that instead of packaging the levels as individual items, they could be packaged as level packs. The level packs COULD contain just a single level if required, but the option would be there to expand if necessary. This makes a  lot of sense, so what did I do to implement it? Stored the level as an individual file and completely disregarded the whole level pack thing.

I’m sure my logic was “ahhhh whatever, I will deal with that later” before moving on to the fun part of testing game mechanics. As mentioned I recently started concentrating on the level editor and it was at this stage that I decided that I really needed to get on top of the whole level pack thing again.

This was a pain in the arse because I had already started building upon something that I knew was a temporary thing. Why did I let this happen? Because I am (was) lazy and am (am) dumb. This meant I had to spend about an hour trying to sort it all out. Nothing too taxing but it was quite time consuming and each source code change was a slap based reminder to stop being stupid.

The thing that makes me feel really dumb is, this wasn’t even the worst of it. For whatever reason I made some pretty stupid decisions that I KNOW I thought were quite clever at the time. I won’t go into any detail because it’s boring and long winded but I can’t help but wonder if other developers do stuff like this too?

I am pretty happy with the structure of things now. I am quite confident it’s all very logical and makes a lot of sense, but what if 3 months down the line I look at it all again and think “how the hell are you so dumb, seriously?”

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Making Level Editors is difficult

I am currently in the process of making the editor for Ninjah 2, while I will be using the editor to make the levels for the game myself, I also intend (hope) others will use it to make their own level packs too. With this in mind I figure I have to put quite a lot of effort into making the editor as user friendly as possible.

The level editor for the original Ninjah game was fine, but the actual game mechanics were very simple so you didn’t need anything clever editor wise. N2 is going to be a bit different because there will be lots of different active objects. The only active objects from the original game were coins (that needed collecting to open the level exit) and they didn’t actually need much in the way of configuring. I’ve already got about 10 different items for N2 and I’ve no doubt I will add more.

Anyway, I spent a fair bit of last week working on the level editor and it’s difficult. Making level editors is difficult. My intentions were good, months ago I had left myself a message on my whiteboard (well, a google document I call the whiteboard) telling me to use Gridpapr to build layout templates. When it came to actually  using it for the tools I needed it quickly became obvious that it wasn’t going to help.

For whatever reason I was completely reluctant to use some sort of Button class to handle … well, clicking on buttons. I was doing some really stupid and pointless mathematical checks to determine “well if they clicked here, they were clicking row 3 column 7 which means…”. If I wanted to move these “buttons” I’d have to do a lot of recoding. It wasn’t flexible at all either, it was stupid, actually stupid.

I am quite happy to say that I now have a proper button system that lets me have text buttons, image buttons and whatever else I want to extend from that. It’s such a minor thing that I am sure pretty much every other developer does without thinking, but it’s a first for me.

It has opened my eyes some what to other people who have made brilliant fully functioning GUI systems. I’ve always given them a go but quickly determined that they are overkill for whatever it is I need. I am now convinced they are not overkill but I was in fact just way too open to dismissing them. Shame on me.

I still haven’t given the layout too much thought, but now that all of the GUI elements can be moved around whenever, it really isn’t that much of a problem.

Ninjah now Free

Hi everyone,


Free is fantastic

I am currently in the process of developing Ninjah 2 so have decided to release Ninjah, originally for Xbox 360 for free for Windows and Linux. To those who bought it on the Xbox or the few who bought it for PC a while back I am eternally thankful :)

You can get it over on the Ninjah page.

I don’t have too many details yet, but for those interested, there is a page for Ninjah 2 as well. Thanks for showing an interest!


Site Relaunch


In an effort to make things more manageable around here I’ve moved my whole site to WordPress (before it was only the blog). Everything I make, whether it’s garbage or reasonably good will have a link on the left hand side. So go crazy!

For my older releases (Pogo Fred and Ninjah) I’ve written a bit of “history” as well as any other thoughts relating to the release. It won’t thrill everyone (anyone?) but I wanna have it written down somewhere before I forget.