Ninjah now Free

Hi everyone,


Free is fantastic

I am currently in the process of developing Ninjah 2 so have decided to release Ninjah, originally for Xbox 360 for free for Windows and Linux. To those who bought it on the Xbox or the few who bought it for PC a while back I am eternally thankful 🙂

You can get it over on the Ninjah page.

I don’t have too many details yet, but for those interested, there is a page for Ninjah 2 as well. Thanks for showing an interest!


Site Relaunch


In an effort to make things more manageable around here I’ve moved my whole site to WordPress (before it was only the blog). Everything I make, whether it’s garbage or reasonably good will have a link on the left hand side. So go crazy!

For my older releases (Pogo Fred and Ninjah) I’ve written a bit of “history” as well as any other thoughts relating to the release. It won’t thrill everyone (anyone?) but I wanna have it written down somewhere before I forget.