Game structure and being dumb

A while back I decided that instead of packaging the levels as individual items, they could be packaged as level packs. The level packs COULD contain just a single level if required, but the option would be there to expand if necessary. This makes a  lot of sense, so what did I do to implement it? Stored the level as an individual file and completely disregarded the whole level pack thing.

I’m sure my logic was “ahhhh whatever, I will deal with that later” before moving on to the fun part of testing game mechanics. As mentioned I recently started concentrating on the level editor and it was at this stage that I decided that I really needed to get on top of the whole level pack thing again.

This was a pain in the arse because I had already started building upon something that I knew was a temporary thing. Why did I let this happen? Because I am (was) lazy and am (am) dumb. This meant I had to spend about an hour trying to sort it all out. Nothing too taxing but it was quite time consuming and each source code change was a slap based reminder to stop being stupid.

The thing that makes me feel really dumb is, this wasn’t even the worst of it. For whatever reason I made some pretty stupid decisions that I KNOW I thought were quite clever at the time. I won’t go into any detail because it’s boring and long winded but I can’t help but wonder if other developers do stuff like this too?

I am pretty happy with the structure of things now. I am quite confident it’s all very logical and makes a lot of sense, but what if 3 months down the line I look at it all again and think “how the hell are you so dumb, seriously?”

I guess we will have to wait and see.