Ninjah 2 Editor

This week I have been concentrating on making the editor a bit easier to use. This involved me creating a various GUI widgets and learning a lot about it in the process!

I had considered using a prebuilt GUI system for monkey but disregarded it because it seemed too complicated. I started working on my own and after 6-7 hours I realised I was basically making what I had originally complained about as too complicated… still, I’ve learnt a lot about it and it has actually been really enjoyable.

Ninjah 2 Editor

Before now I had the various elements all over the place and it looked like garbage, I’ve now got things structured in a tab view which sits on the left hand side of the screen (and can be toggled with the tab key). In wanting to bring in this more structured approach I ended up rewriting pretty much the whole editor screen and I am glad I did.

I’ve restructured how everything is coded, instead of repeating code because it seems easier at the time, I’ve quite strictly implemented “Never Write The Same Code Twice” and I have to say it’s really paying off. I’m even commenting my code properly, get me!

I am really enjoying this at the moment. Once I am happy with how the editor works, I am going to complete each in game item one at a time. I know it’s not the most interesting of game items, but the first one will be the springs.