Ludum Dare 31 – WASD

Hi all,

at the last minute I decided to enter Ludum Dare 31 “Entire Game on One Screen”. In the end I was barely able to find 12 hours for it but some what surprisingly I managed to actually finish something!

I present WASD!

Ninjah out on OSX

Evening, long time no say anything at all.

You can now download Ninjah for OSX for free from the Ninjah page.

I recently received an email asking if there was any particular reason why Ninjah wasn’t out on OSX. Literally the only reason was that I didn’t have easy access to a Mac (which is required to compile for Mac).

A client I am doing some work for has a Mac and I was kindly allowed to use it this weekend to build stuff. So over a really shaky remote desktop connection and I managed to compile it.

I’ve had one person test it for me (thanks Maarten) and I believe it works OK


You Only Get Won – LD28

Hi all!

Here is my entry for the Ludum Dare 28 competition themed “You Only Get One”: You Only Get Won (hah! Word play!!!)

You Only Get Won

Currently it’s just a flash version (sorry 18mb as well…), but I hope to have it ported to Android as well in the near future.

I’ve really enjoyed myself this time. It’s a collection of three mini games. The aim of the game is to NOT get won. Oh yeah, you’re a stuffed toy prize at a travelling fair.

Here’s a timelapse of me making it too!

Ninjah now Free

Hi everyone,


Free is fantastic

I am currently in the process of developing Ninjah 2 so have decided to release Ninjah, originally for Xbox 360 for free for Windows and Linux. To those who bought it on the Xbox or the few who bought it for PC a while back I am eternally thankful 🙂

You can get it over on the Ninjah page.

I don’t have too many details yet, but for those interested, there is a page for Ninjah 2 as well. Thanks for showing an interest!


Site Relaunch


In an effort to make things more manageable around here I’ve moved my whole site to WordPress (before it was only the blog). Everything I make, whether it’s garbage or reasonably good will have a link on the left hand side. So go crazy!

For my older releases (Pogo Fred and Ninjah) I’ve written a bit of “history” as well as any other thoughts relating to the release. It won’t thrill everyone (anyone?) but I wanna have it written down somewhere before I forget.




Using Monkey for an XNA project

Update: The following article is now obsolete and an updated version is here : Using Monkey For an XNA Xbox Project : Revisit.

When developing Ninjah I had to do some last minute changes in C# because Monkey wasn’t registering the controls properly (that is, if the player was to use controller #2, the game wouldn’t work) and I have to say, working with Monkey became quite difficult in the end. Not only is Monkey new, it also supports 6 different programming environments (C#, Javascript, Flash, Xcode, GLFW and Java) which has lead to a lot more bugs than you’d expect from a single programming language. I know Monkey will improve and I’ve no doubt the points I am about to raise below will become redundant sooner rather than later. For now though, I will focus on the difficulties caused by Monkey with regards to a XNA project.

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