Ninjah now Free

Hi everyone,


Free is fantastic

I am currently in the process of developing Ninjah 2 so have decided to release Ninjah, originally for Xbox 360 for free for Windows and Linux. To those who bought it on the Xbox or the few who bought it for PC a while back I am eternally thankful 🙂

You can get it over on the Ninjah page.

I don’t have too many details yet, but for those interested, there is a page for Ninjah 2 as well. Thanks for showing an interest!


Using Monkey for an XNA project

Update: The following article is now obsolete and an updated version is here : Using Monkey For an XNA Xbox Project : Revisit.

When developing Ninjah I had to do some last minute changes in C# because Monkey wasn’t registering the controls properly (that is, if the player was to use controller #2, the game wouldn’t work) and I have to say, working with Monkey became quite difficult in the end. Not only is Monkey new, it also supports 6 different programming environments (C#, Javascript, Flash, Xcode, GLFW and Java) which has lead to a lot more bugs than you’d expect from a single programming language. I know Monkey will improve and I’ve no doubt the points I am about to raise below will become redundant sooner rather than later. For now though, I will focus on the difficulties caused by Monkey with regards to a XNA project.

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