Ninjah 2

Ninjah 2 is a follow up to my game Ninjah.


Much like Ninjah 1, the idea of Ninjah 2 is to finish the levels as fast as possible, similar to TrackMania, Trials HD or Quake3 Defrag Runs. It takes the core mechanics from the original game and adds to it with some additional features.

I am making this game (using Monkey, naturally) with GLFW in mind, so while I am primarily aiming for Windows, there should be no reason why this can’t go on to OSX and Linux too.

Planned Features

  • Multiple level packs
  • A proper tutorial system (a more interactive one than the flat text tutorials of previous games)
  • Online leaderboards
  • Ghost recording and playback
  • Level editor
  • Online level database
  • Much larger levels than the original that can take up multiple screens.
  • Additional in game rules (e.g. limiting the amount of times you can use your rope)
  • Additional game items, both collectables as well as level features
  • A much much better engine than the original (already made and much less bodged than the first game!)

When will it be done?

No idea! 😀

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