What is Perling?

Perling is a procedurally generated 8 direction shooter that I had originally intended to release on the Xbox 360 via XBLIG.

Levels are randomly generated based on a supplied level name (much like and inspired by the original Worms game). The terrain is randomly generated, along with the enemies on the level, their behaviours, level items/pickups and quests. Each level generates 5 random quests. A quest could be something like “collect 50 coins”, “shoot NO MORE THAN 300 bullets” to “drown 12 cows”. They are all generated from the level, so they are all possible.

You do not need to complete all quests to exit a level, but doing so will grant you a considerable amount of XP used to unlock game features.

Why is it on hold?

Times constraints linked with an urge to get something released sooner! Perling is definitely a game I want to go back to sooner rather than later but it will almost certainly not be on the Xbox 360 now, so primarily I am aiming for a PC (Windows/Linux) release followed by a Vita version. I do actually have a running android version, but i am not entirely sure it’s suitable for such a thing (I hate virtual joysticks!)

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